Tuesday, October 23



Today is starting out like most every other day begins,  up at 3:00am.  Wishing I were still in bed, I come into the office and begin my day.

I am not really anticipating any spectacular or amazing event to take place but I DO know that it is going to be a great day.  How you may ask, well it is simple.  I start by believing in God,  I thank Him for all that I have, and then I open my eyes to find a day ahead of myself to choose how I want to approach it!

I am thrilled to be ALIVE and ABLE to make these choices.  It gives me pleasure to step outside in the crisp morning silence and take a big deep breath of the air.  I love to feel the cold concrete on my feet.  Smell the freshly rained on ground and be reguvinated.

I anticipate spending time looking out at my back yard and seeing the beautiful Maples in full Fall colors.  Oh how I love the colors they give me.  I so love watching the leaves do their final dance as they fall off of the trees.  I love the way they lay on the grounds and invite us to gather them and become a child again, making a pile and jumping in.  I only wish I had the strength to do that again.

I know I will be seeing some of my grandsons, and that is the BEST thing ever.  I plan on accomplishing some of my many tasks I have to do and at the end of this gorgeous day I will be able to chat with my sweetheart as he will call me to talk about our days and tell me "sweet dreams" and that is how I know I will have a great day!  

Anything extra will be an added bonus and I look forward to finding them.

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